Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Chicago: Where I Really Grew Up

I'm getting a little personal today here on the blog y'all. There has been something on my mind recently and I just need to share it with others who may feel the same way I do about their current residence.

When people ask me where I grew up I have to automatically stop myself from saying Chicago. Physically I grew up in Southwest Missouri farm country, in a town called Joplin. But mentally I feel like I grew up in Chicago.

I came to Chicago when I was 18 years old for undergrad. I had graduated from a small Catholic high school with twenty-three other individuals and had decided to attend Loyola University Chicago because of their History program. I was moving 10 hours away from home and everything I had ever known. Everyone else I had gone to high school with was staying relatively close to the town where I physically grew up. The end of high school hadn't been easy for me and in all honesty I was ready for a fresh start in Chicago. I arrived in Chicago unsure of who I was as a person and ready to see where this new chapter of my life would take me.

My 3 1/2 years in undergrad shaped me into the person I am today and made me grow up. During those years I joined a sorority, met the love of my life, and connected with myself. I continue to grow everyday but to me I think I have grew up more in Chicago than I ever did in Missouri. Chicago forced me out of my comfort zone, making me come face to face with my insecurities and deal with them. I learned so much about myself when I moved away from home. I learned that I am a spiritual person who believes in the good of people. I learned that every day I grow and change as a person. I learned that nothing beats early morning brunch with those I love. I learned to take a moment, stop, and breathe.

Chicago is my first true love. It pushed me to be a better version of myself, to look at the world differently. Chicago and I have grown together and learned about each other along the way (even though Chicago has yet to handle the whole crowd thing...I have never been a fan of crowds. They make me anxious). I think no matter what life holds for me Chicago will always have a special place in my heart.

Chicago is where I really grew up.

Chicago is where I continue to grow up.

Chicago is my home.

Have any of you had the same experience? If so please feel free to share!

Have a great day y'all!

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