Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blogmas Day 7: Preparing for Finals

There is nothing glamorous about studying for finals. I am currently writing this post while I am at school taking a break from studying for my Torts exam. Since I am deep into the world of finals I thought I would share with you my top 5 tips for preparing and taking exams.

1) Do NOT Wait to Study

This one is pretty obvious but you will find that a lot of people are better at procrastinating than actually studying! This is a big thing that I had to over come when I entered law school. I tended to be a hectic, last minute person who thrived under pressure. However, this method of studying resulted in a lot of stress and a very short fuse that made me scary to be around. So do everyone around you a favor (especially yourself) and don't wait until the night before to memorize a semester's worth of information. 

2) Manage Your Time Wisely

The calendar app on your phone or a planner will be your best friend during finals. Three weeks before your first final you should sit down and plan out a study schedule. Planning everything out is the easy part, actually following it not so much. My advice is stick to your schedule as best you can but also make sure that you give yourself some down time. Nothing is worse than spending three straight weeks studying and doing nothing else.

3) Quizlet is Your Friend

Take the time and make yourself a Quizlet account online and actually use's free! And there is also an app you can download to your phone. I love Quizlet because it basically makes an outline for me (when I print out all the terms) and also helps me memorize all of the information I need to know for my exams. It not only tests you using flashcards but it also creates small tests you can take to see what you know and what you need to work on. All in all this can help you cut down some of your time compiling notes and flashcards for your exams!

4) Coffee is NOT Food

Eat something...seriously. This is something I am super guilty of I'll admit. When I am stressed out I tend not to eat like I should. But eating something when studying and especially before you take your exam is vital! Eat as healthy as possible! I know the eating healthy part can be hard but I tend to drink Naked juices (any juice made completely of fruit with no sugar added will do) when I am hard core studying for the extra nutrients! Naked juices will help fill you up but they should not be the only thing you consume! Naked juices go great with a sandwich or with a loaded salad full of protein and vegetables! 
Also fun fact, eat dark chocolate right before exam, letting it melt in your mouth. The caffeine in dark chocolate will help you focus and recall information (or so those scientist people say).

5) Get Your Beauty Sleep

Don't lose sleep when studying for finals! If you plan accordingly and don't wait until the last minute you should still be getting your beauty sleep! Sleep is a vital part of taking finals. You are better off going to bed early and getting rest than staying up late and trying to cram information into your tired brain. I have personally found that going to bed at a descent hour and getting up early to study allows me to retain information better. Studying with a clear mind and taking your exam after a good nights sleep can make all the difference!

What are some tips and tricks you use for studying for exams? Comment below to share with everyone!

And for everyone studying for exams I wish you the best of luck! You are so close to winter break!

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  1. Great post - definitely could have done with reading this when I was at university! Good luck with finals :)

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard