Monday, December 22, 2014

Blogmas Day 22: Christmas Red

Red lips are a staple look for the Holiday Season! I personally love wearing red lips for Christmas because I feel like they add a old time feel to a classic holiday. Every time I wear red lips I feel like I should be in a little black dress wearing pearls, heels, and gloves while sipping champagne. Does anyone else every think that or is it just me?

My first favorite Christmas red is Butter London LIPPY Liquid Lipstick in Come to Bed Red. This liquid lipstick stains your lips a nice cherry red and if you want to match your nails to your lips Butter London also has a nail polish color in Come to Bed Red as well. My love for Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments has turned into an out right addiction recently. I find that these tinted lip balms are great for every day of the week and they have a color for every occasion. I recently wore Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Cherry when I went to see the Nutcracker and this shade gives your lips the perfect tint of red for when you don't want to deal with the mess that wearing a red lipstick can sometimes cause. Sometimes I want something to make my red lipstick pop even more and for that I use NYX Butter Gloss in Red Velvet. This stuff is great on its own and super glossy (as you can see my how terribly it photographed). I apply this over a lot of my red lipsticks when I don't want a completely matte finish. Another drugstore lipstick favorite of mine is Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Red. I know Lip Butters were big a couple of years back when they first came out but I am still obsessed with these lipsticks! I love how moisturizing they are and the color is buildable. This lipstick can give you a sheer red and a bold red lip all in one product. The last red I picked is Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Everlasting which is the shade I am wearing in the picture above. Side note, am I the only person in the world who feels super awkward taking selfies in my bathroom and then posting them on the Internet for the world to just me...okay then. Anyways this lipstick is different from the other reds because it is a darker red, however, when I think of a new modern Christmas red lipstick I think of this shade. The lipstick has sparkles in it (something I usually hate with a passion) but I love the idea of a sparkly, deep red paired with a white sweater on Christmas day. The deeper red color also pairs well with my fair skin tone and dark hair and eyes.

What is your favorite Christmas red lipstick? Comment below and let me know!

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