Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blogmas Day 17: Talking About That Instagram

Recently I have been all about that Instagram and today I wanted to talk about some of my favorite Instagram accounts. In the blogging community it is important to interact with others on social media and for me personally I have never really gotten into the whole Twitter thing. So Instagram is my social media playground. I love looking at pictures people post for fashion, beauty, and home inspiration (and food...can't forget about the food).  Instagram is a great platform for creative minds to unleash their creativity. So today I have for you a list of my top five favorite Instagram accounts.

1) Chicago Food Authority

This Instagram is where I get ideas for new restaurants to try in Chicago. The pictures of the food from some of these places looks down right amazing! Search Instagram for a foodie in your area that takes great pics of food from different restaurants! This account has such great pictures of food that I started a list of restaurants to try out based solely on Instagram pictures. 

2) PDX Prepster

I love scrolling through this Instagram when I need a little color in my life during a dreary Chicago day. There are so many great pictures for fashion and beauty ideas! This account also has a lot of pictures of coffee that I am always super jealous of! I love the simplicity of the pictures and how the color just pops on the screen!

3) History in High Heels

This is another super colorful account (apparently I love colorful things). This account is great because she also has an Etsy ship dedicated to prints she does herself! I love the prints and the way she decorates a space with them. There are also great fashion ideas on this blog as well!

4) Kelly in the City

This Instagram features a young woman who just moved to Chicago from New York! I love her Instagram because of her fashion sense. The simplicity of the way she dresses is amazing and I have major fashion envy! I look at her pictures for fashion ideas and to get someone else's view on what there is to do in Chicago!

5) Essie Button

I'm sure everyone already followers her on Instagram but if you don't you need to! Estée is hilarious and her Instagram is amazing! She Instagrams her daily life (including her greyhound Reggie who is adorable) and she is just so down to earth and relatable. Her account is great for fashion, beauty, food, and decor ideas! 

What is your favorite Instagram account to get inspiration from? Comment below and let me know! And if you want to check out my Instagram at thelawsofbeauty. 

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