Friday, October 10, 2014

Why is Lush so Lushus?

Lush is one of those stores that once I enter it I know that I will be buying something.  Even if I give myself a pep talk about how I don't need another bath bomb before I enter the store I will always end up leaving with a bath bomb...and several other things. I don't know what exactly it is about Lush but for some reason 99.99% of their products work for me. Their scents are on point and don't give me a miserable headache like some other bath products do. And their skin care products are some of the only ones where no matter what I use my sensitive skin does not flare up with bright red spots. Yes, I know that some of there stuff can be expensive (even I think the $80 skin moisturizer is ridiculous) but for the most part all of the products last me a while, even the bath bombs. I compiled a list of some of my favorite Lush items at the moment and as you can see there are a lot of them...I obviously have little self control when I enter that store.

Grease Lightening:
This stuff is the! I've been using it a lot this week (thank you mother nature for hormonal breakouts) and I have to say it really does help reduce the size and redness of any pesky pimple. I just apply this as a spot treatment after I mist my face with the tea tree water toner and let it sink into my skin for a few minutes before I apply my moisturizer.

Herbalisme Face Cleanser/Scrub
I am convinced that this product is why I don't have major breakouts anymore (okay that and the fact I think my body finally decided to calm down and stop producing raging hormones that in turn produced raging breakouts). Either way I have been a loyal lover of this product since I was a sophomore in college. I just wet my face in the mornings and then take a pea sized amount of this product and rub it all over my face and neck. I splash some water on my face to remove it and then  I am ready to start my day!

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner:
This stuff makes my skin feel silky smooth! Whoever thought of a conditioner for your skin was a freaken genius! I just apply it to my skin in the shower after I have used my regular body wash and let it sit on my skin for 3 to 5 minutes before I wash it off! Once out of the shower I just pat dry my skin with a towel in order to make sure my skin stays nice and soft. This product is great because you don't have to apply body lotion after! I'm really glad I picked up this product and would not have done so if it wasn't for beauty blogger/Youtuber essiebutton. Check out her blog post and video on her September favorites where she mentions Ro's Argan--->

Bath Bombs (Fizzbanger and Blackberry):
I love their bath bombs. There are not enough words in any language to describe just how much I love them. On a fall or winter's night nothing is more relaxing that having a nice hot bath with one of these babies. Fizzbanger (orange) and Blackberry (purple) are two of my favorite scents. However, I really like any of the bath bomb scents. And in order to save myself some money (broke law school student problems) I usually break these giant bath bombs into pieces and get at least 3 baths out of them. If you are wanting to try some Lush products for the first time I really recommend any of their Bath Bombs or even their Bubble Bars.

Popcorn Sugar Lip Scrub:
Tastes like Popcorn, scrubs away chapped lips, and you can eat it off your lips...enough said.

Brazened Honey Fresh Mask:
You have to go to the actual store in order to pick this mask up but it is totally worth it. I love the fresh masks. The Brazened Honey Mask always makes my skin feel so soft and deep cleaned! They have a variety of Fresh Masks that work for any skin type. And if you bring in 5 empty (and cleaned) Lush Black pots you can get a free Fresh Face Mask of your choice.

Celestial Face Moisturizer:
This moisturizer is great if you have sensitive skin like I do. I tried a different one of their face moisturizers after I finished my first pot of Celestial and I have to say it didn't even come close to Celestial's awesomeness. There is just something about this stuff that does wonders for my skin. And at only $24.95 my wallet can handle paying for this luxurious feeling face cream.

Tea Tree Water Toner:
If I could bathe my entire body in this stuff I would. But for now I will just settle with misting my face with it. Another great product for sensitive skin. After I wash my face I mist it with this toner and immediately feel refreshed!

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