Monday, October 20, 2014

Top 5 Inexpensive Fall Jewelry Picks

This is a picture of the gorgeous sunset that took place last night that I just had to share with everyone. These sunsets seems to be happening earlier and earlier and it has definitely started to cool down here in Chicago.

Today I wanted to talk about my top 5 inexpensive fall jewelry accessories I feel like any these pieces can help spruce up a simple outfit and make it look more put together. The majority of these items I purchased from Forever 21, which surprisingly this season had a great selection of jewelry items (I usually hate their jewelry because it looks too much like a 90s Grudge tween and Barbie decided to start a jewelry line together and refused to compromise on anything). So with out further ado here are my top 5 inexpensive fall jewelry picks

1) Turquoise Rings 

 I love a good, vintage turquoise ring. I just love turquoise during the fall period. It is really the only bright color I wear during the fall because to me turquoise just looks so rustic and when I think rustic I think fall. All three of these rings were gifts that my mom picked up for me from a local antique mall in my hometown. Most antique malls have really unique and really inexpensive turquoise rings. I recommend going to one if you are on the hunt for some inexpensive, unique jewelry pieces to add to your collection. You will be amazed by what all you find.

2) Gold, Bib Chain Necklaces

I picked this up from Forever 21 and am surprised by how much I love it. I decided to pick it up because it reminded me of a bib necklace I had been eying on Bauble Bar but was terrified to purchase because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to pull it off. I can for sure pull this small and more delicate version off! I love pairing it with a turtleneck or with a high collared chunky knit sweater. This piece will also be easy to transition into spring and summer and also could glam up a nighttime outfit. 
(This necklace is sold out so I have found a similar style)

3) Long Layered Necklaces

There is just something about long layered necklaces that make a long sleeved t-shirt look a little bit more put together. This necklace is also from Forever 21 and looks great with a plain white t-shirt and a cardigan. 
(They were sold out of this online but I found one similar)

4) Tassel Necklace

Tassel necklaces can be really long so I like to pair them with dresses. This necklace is from (you guessed it) Forever 21. I have paired this necklace with both fit and flair dresses and shift dresses and I love how this can dress an outfit up and make it look more put together.
(This necklace is also sold out and I have found a similar one)

 5) Fringe Earrings

Again these are from Forever 21! I love how versatile these earrings are! If I want them to be more dressed down I wear them with my hair down so that they blend and are more subtle. When I am going out I will throw my hair up into a messy bun or ponytail and make them the focal point of my outfit.

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  1. Very nice pieces :)